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    • Try on the shoe left and right.
    • Your shoes should be the right size for your feet. 
    • Wearing your shoes one day apart will allow longer use.
    • Any product purchased should not be washed in the washing machine or by hand. 
    • If your shoes do not have the words 'Water resistant' (water resistant) or "water resistant (water prof, goretex)", they can be water resistant. 
    • Hand-stitched shoes can absorb water from the seams.
    • In linings and leathers using natural materials, the lining and leather color may transfer to your socks or feet. Lining and leather dyeing are not manufacturing defects.
    • Since the accessories such as bows, chains and stones in our products break or fall due to use, it is not a production fault.
    • Sweating feet and snow can cause saltiness on the skin. Staining that may occur on the product is not a manufacturing fault.
    • Leather sole, suede and nubuck shoes should not be worn in rainy weather.
    • While cleaning the shoes, we recommend that you wipe the dirt or mud on them with a slightly damp cloth.
    • Products should not be kept in humid environments.
    • Depending on the shape of your foot, your gait and use, wrinkles may occur on the skin. In order to reduce this, when you are not using your shoes, put a mold suitable for their form and wait.
    • Wet and damp products should be dried at room temperature. It should not be dried under the heater and the sun.
    • Leather shoes should be polished with paint or natural polish in its own color.
    • Suede shoes should be cleaned with a suede eraser and a suede brush. It should never be washed.
    • Nubuck shoes should be maintained with a nubuck eraser and a nubuck brush.
    • Since the shoes with and without inner lining are made of genuine leather, they do not contain chemical additives that may harm your health, and the color of the leather may appear on the feet and socks. For this reason, we recommend that you wear socks according to the lining color.
    • Please contact us for the care of shoes produced with special materials.
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